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Working Like A Tough Mudder

You might have heard of, or even taken part in, one of the notoriously hard endurance races known as Tough Mudders. They’re designed to put people through more than just the motions and have people run through fire, electrified wire and all sorts of obstacles you’d never get at Sports day. So do their offices have the same notion? Well no obviously as that would be a health and safety nightmare, but it doesn’t mean the offices don’t have a hard time looking as tough as possible.Located in Brooklyn, the Tough Mudder offices are raw and practical with a few cheeky bits of humour thrown in too. There is a beer tap in the main recreational room, the side office are jokingly labelled and the whole interior has a warming yet industrial feel to it (sort of like one of their races).

With this being a company know reaching a global scale, you’d expect to see those merits and signs of their far reaching nature on parade in the office, but here it takes the rather understated form of a simple grey map on the wall with pins in it. It seems to fit in nicely with the ‘yes, well done, get on with it’ vibe the office has.

The overall feeling you get from the building is industrial and warm, with an overbearing sense of manliness on display. However, with the slate walls and dark floors giving way to incredibly lit spaces, you still can easily feel that this is a workplace that definitely gets the job done.

Now finding  lettings Agent in Kings Lynn doesn’t have to be as tough as going through a Tough Mudder race. With a great range of apartments and houses available for rent around town, trying to find the right one won’t feel like an endurance test in the slightest.

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