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Maltese Inspired Interiors

We all know that Malta is home to some of the worlds most beautiful exteriors, with their Greek inspired architecture, which might be strict, although it has helped Malta become a recognisable and identifiable island in the world of style. The Island effectively looks more Greek than Greece looks…

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We are all aware of how the bricked island looks from its exteriors, but what about the interiors? What are interior designers doing to take full advantage of these ancient buildings. The canvas that they have to use is second to none and an interior designers dream.

We recently met up with Tiffany William who spent the summer of 2015 building upon her already extensive experience in design. (Previous working in countries such as Scotland, England, Ireland, Croatia, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany freelance and for some of the worlds biggest interior design firms)

We asked Tiffany to preview some of her work that she completed in Malta, and to also give a little brief context with her photos, she was kind enough to accept our invitation.

So without further introduction, here’s Tiffany’s picks.



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Tiffany: “This was the first interior work I completed with my time in Malta, my client was looking for a city inspired feel for his living space, so I used traditional canvas colours with the contrast of green and red popping through. Effectively I tried to get the most materials are possible- much like what you would see in most cities like New York and london- where materials are combined for integration. I loved this idea because it reflects the different cultures and traditions that more cities have present.”


“For this client, they were vocal about how much they wanted a plain and clean look, so I honoured their decision by keeping it as close to that as possible. This apartment is going to be used as a holiday home, so I made the look at neutral as possible. Although, subtly the room is designed  to reflect upon the cremes and shades of colours which are present on the exterior of the buildings surrounding it.”



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“For this room we took advantage of the occean scenery which was available to us by extending the window to full wall size. This alone I feel was all that really needed one to this room. Interior design 101 is to consider your surrounds before designing your room. I then revolved everything in the room around this focus. Which fell into place pretty well. The hardest element was to remain interesting whilst taking nothing away from the focal point of the window. The natural earthy colours of brown and green helped efficiently to subtly contrast the window, just to make it pop more.

If you are looking to visit Malta, there is plenty of easy access onto the island without breaking the bank, with companies such as Chevron linking the UK to Malta in a matter of hours.