Orange Crush


Looking to make a change to your working space but are unsure how to achieve the most with the least effort? Try adding a bright colour in your space to give it some punch. Continue reading…

Remote Offices – Working From Anywhere


Increasing numbers of jobs are becoming location-independent – essentially not requiring employees to be based in a single office. The continuing improvements in internet connectivity around the world, the prevalence of cloud storage and an overall change in the attitude towards remote working have made remote working a more viable option for companies.

One such company is Logan Car Rental, who have recently switched to a remote office policy. Employees can connect from anywhere – their home office, shared workspaces, hotels, airports – and collaborate on projects together.

By combining the cloud storage and security of Dropbox and the private chat client HipChat, staff can share files, host conference calls and work together just as they could if they were all in one place.

Remote working seems to be the future of the tech sector – how do you feel about working remotely?


Working Like A Tough Mudder

tough mudder hq

You might have heard of, or even taken part in, one of the notoriously hard endurance races known as Tough Mudders. They’re designed to put people through more than just the motions and have people run through fire, electrified wire and all sorts of obstacles you’d never get at Sports day. So do their offices have the same notion? Well no obviously as that would be a health and safety nightmare, but it doesn’t mean the offices don’t have a hard time looking as tough as possible. Continue reading…

Carving Workspace At Home

home office

If you work from home, you might often find yourself spending too much time organising the kitchen table and not getting your own space to work. If that’s the case for you, go ahead and carve out your own working space…literally. Continue reading…

Outside The Box


You spend a lot of time in your office. You don’t want to feel like you’re in a boring space. Anytime you find yourself drifting off or looking up at the ceiling, imagine transforming that space and making your office unique. Continue reading…



For some people offering solutions to office space problems can come in the most off kilter ways. This product from Sacea will raise eyebrows. Continue reading…